POSTED ON – 27.08.13

SSR Jakarta - SSR Students Visit Metallica Concert
SSR Students Visit Metallica Concert
On Sunday 25th August we were delighted to be invited for a visit to Metallica’s huge concert in Jakarta for a tour of the stage and sound system setup.

During this exclusive field trip, SSR Jakarta students Gracia, Stefanus, Ibel and Philip accompanied SSR Jakarta’s Head of Live Sound Bayu Wicaksana and academic administrator Elric Moningka to the Glora Bung Karno, Jakarta.

The Jakarta students and staff were also accompanied by James Boothman, who is currently on a student exchange visit from SSR in Manchester, UK. The SSR students were allowed access to the stadium while the tour crew were setting up and tuning the PA system, and were also able to analyse the speaker management system that was in place.

SSR Jakarta student Stefanus:
“We could learn about the sound system installation for the enormous stage area and were also introduced various live sound engineering topics, which we’ll get to later on during our course so this was a really valuable experience.”

Our students were pleased to meet Mr. Wayne Grosso, a representative of Clair Brothers Audio Systems, who guided the students around the stadium:

Wayne Grosso:
“These are the biggest sound systems we have used in Indonesia, for the biggest concert in the South East Asia. We are using about millions watts and 145 dbs for the main stage.”

SSR student Gracia:
“Many of my friends are jealous of the chance I have. I really thank SSR Jakarta for this field trip. I could have some complete pictures about managing speakers, how to control the wifi system to arrange it with the speakers. We were also taught about the signal flow and synchronization.”

Field trips such as this are a big part of the SSR education experience and represent real ‘added value’ to our courses, allowing our students to receive first hand experience and knowledge from industry professionals in a real world setting.

We would like to thank Wayne Grosso, Clair Brothers Audio Systems and of course Metallica and their crew for allowing our students access to this fantastic opportunity.