POSTED ON – 08.04.09

SSR Manchester - SSR's new mega studio nears completion
SSR's new mega studio nears completion
As one SSR student recently said:
"If you’re into Music and Sound, why would you want to be anywhere else other than SSR?" And part of the reason for this is SSR’s new Neve studio which will be opening on Friday June 5th."

The Neve VLP60/48 will be the centrepiece of the new 1,500 sq.ft Studio located on the fourth floor of SSR’s already impressive building. To be called “Spirit Studio” this facility will offer a totally unique recording experience for SSR students and Manchester’s musicians.

“Spirit” will be one of the highest spec’ced studios outside London, and that’s not just us saying it. The experts who have been assisting in the design and construction, and the manufacturers supplying the speakers, the amps and all the top outboard gear have been amazed at what they have seen.

And recent visitor Mike Joyce, drummer for The Smiths confirmed:
"Manchester has never really had a professional, top end studio, this is it. I can’t wait to bring some bands here. They will be blown away."

Complimenting the Neve, will be the world renowned PMC MB2S-A monitors. According to PMC, SSR is so far the only education centre in the world to house these top end PMC monitors. We are very proud that our students will have such state of the art equipment at their disposal.

PMC’s Ian Downs is clear about their standards:
"We are very selective about where we place our monitors. We look carefully at the studio design and acoustics, making sure the monitors are housed in the perfect environment so they can perform at their best and in the way they were meant to be heard. We are delighted that SSR has gone to great lengths to meet these requirements, including flying in acoustic specialist Jochen Veith from Germany to calculate and create the perfect acoustic environment for the monitors and studio as a whole."