POSTED ON – 18.03.09

SSR Manchester - Award winning engineer Ray Furze guest lectures at SSR
Award winning engineer Ray Furze guest lectures at SSR
SSR students were treated to a special guest lecture from Ray Furze the Live sound engineer for The Spice Girls, Pixies and The Beautiful South, amongst others. He was FOH engineer of the year for two years on the run. So Ray’s profile and experience is pretty spectacular.

Ray’s lecture focused on his amazing career as well and insights into how to be successful in the industry. The students gained a great deal from the event.

"Ray’s lecture was great, his background is amazing. The electronics part of the lecture was really fascinating, it gives us a more in depth understanding of what's going on."

"One thing I really liked was when he was explaining how he and the rest of the crew were working at the Jubilee event, how they divided the work to make it possible and how to spot any problems on time."

"Another thing I picked up and consider very important is the way he handles difficult situations and the way he handles people which we all know are really critical skills in this industry."

"Ray’s lecture was really inspiring and left me feeling optimistic and focused on where I want to be in the Sound Industry."

SSR Live sound Tutor Jay Beard
"Once again SSR students are able to benefit from SSR’s close connections to the industry. We really appreciated Ray’s insights and words of wisdom to the next generation of Sound Engineers."