POSTED ON – 13.02.09

SSR Manchester - DiGiCo studio update
DiGiCo studio update
You may recall in January SSR proudly unveiled the newest addition to our range of high end studios with the opening of our new DiGiCo Recording Studio. Not only were we pleased to receive one of 3 consoles used to broadcast the Beijing Olympics to the world, but also for the fact that DiGiCo chose SSR above other UK training providers to showcase their amazing console!

4 weeks on and we thought we’d get some feedback from the users of the studio. It seems the new facility has proved a hit with tutors and students alike….

SSR Audio Tutor Alan Wrench was delighted with the new facility
"I’m very impressed by this new studio. It can be used for recording and production, post production work and broadcast, so it’s already very popular with a large number of students. A lot of thought has obviously gone into the design resulting in a very ergonomic environment for the engineers. The DS-00 console is very flexible and intuitive and easy to use, even giving an ‘analogue feel’ to what is a high end digital system."

The DiGiCo studio has been designed with a variety of uses in mind, including recording/mixing bands directly from the Charlie Jones Live Venue. In addition to the DS-00 console and it’s huge array of onboard effects and routing possibilities, the studio also features a plethora of high-end outboard equipment. This includes a Manley MU valve compressor, an Akai S5000 sampler, a Roland JV2080 synth, a vintage Roland MKS70 analogue rack synth including PPG300 programmer, a Sony M7 multi fx unit and Sony R7 reverb unit, Roland vintage chorus/echo (tape based) unit, a vintage Roland stereo flanger and a Sampson foldback amp.

Among the first to make use of the new facility were SSR Audio Engineering students Alan Harrison and Craig Sanderson who had this to say about the studio:

Craig - "The new studio is great to work in and the DiGiCo console looks and sounds amazing. I can’t wait to get back in with a band and really put the studio to the test!"

Alan – "The highlights for me are the DS-00 console and the Manley valve compressor, which sounds amazing. The design of the studio and the other equipment in there makes for an ideal recording/mixing environment."