POSTED ON – 22.07.13

SSR Jakarta - An Audio Recording With The Choir Company
An Audio Recording With The Choir Company
On July 15th 2013, SSR Jakarta had the pleasure of welcoming The Choir Company (a Netherlands based community choir) for a recording session to apply to their latest music video. The Choir Company organise music projects all around the world through their network of singers and performers.

Martin the director of The Choir Company mentioned:
“ We organise various projects where people can sign up. By doing so, we then gain a database of contacts and as soon as we have our events to run, we invite the participants by e-mail. We provide all the materials for those who are involved or they can bring lyric sheets and music guidance from home and learn these. We rehearse, we have a great time together and then we conduct a staged concert. This isn’t our first time in Indonesia. We started this journey in 2001 and it’s been a big adventure since. Furthermore, World Vision invited us, so we really wanted to help them because we believe in what they are doing; how they help children and their influence to help villages grow. We believe in world vision’s goals: education, health care, and economic growth.”

By doing their concert in Indonesia, The Choir Company opens the door for World Vision to go to churches or other auditoriums to tell people about their work, and to find sponsors for the children.

Related to the Let Us Stand concert, the 14 members from choir communities united their talents in a song recorded in the GSR-24 studio at SSR Jakarta campus where some of Jakarta’s students were involved during the recording process. Under the supervision of Julius Caesar, one of Jakarta’s Audio Engineering tutors, this helped the students apply their recording skills in a challenging environment and broaden their connections.

Revandi Effendi, one of the students involved, had a role as a studio engineer for the audio recording:

Revandi Effendi:
“ The recording session was such a great and a fun experience. They Choir Company had good attitudes, beautiful skills, and they were totally ready for the recording process. They were open to my audio engineer’s opinion, as we discussed to get the most effective result we could make within the allocated time. First we set up the drums in the iLive venue (kick, snare, toms, and the cymbals). After this we set-up the mics and their cables, before going on to prepare the control room. The recording session also involved sound checking each mic and channel before preparing and recording the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass vocal sections.”

Martin and the Choir Company enjoyed being at SSR and had this to say:

Martin – Choir Company:
“ I am very impressed with SSR Jakarta. We hardly do recordings. For us, recording a song is a big adventure. It’s something completely different from standing on the stage. The way you sing is different. It’s been a very tough day and I’ve been very impressed with all the audio engineers and facilities, but mainly how professional everything is here. I have a good feeling about SSR Jakarta. Congratulations on everything that is happening here, because this is such an investment for the future. You are investing in these young people.”