POSTED ON – 23.04.13

SSR London - SSR Students Work On 'Enchanting Rupert' Film
SSR Students Work On 'Enchanting Rupert' Film
SSR London Audio Post Production students Patryk Wladyka, Matt Avis and Kathleen Thake have recently been working a short film called “Enchanting Rupert” which was written and directed by Rainer Nierman and Jan Maroske.

Enchanting Rupert is a “Play on Films” production whose theme is set around “how important it is to accept oneself, how little appearances matter in the end and about how true love very often is closer than we think.”

Patryk, Matt and Kathleen took on a variety of roles for the film including ADR (Automated Dialogue Recording) and sound mixing, using our ICON 5.1 surround sound studio. Our students were invited to work on the film following discussions with former SSR tutor and sound extraordinaire Norbert Weiher.

Director/Producer Rainer Nierman:
“Patryk, Matt and Kathleen did a fantastic job, they were a true pleasure to work with and I can only highly commend them for their talent, dedication and hard work!”