POSTED ON – 21.02.13

SSR Jakarta - X Factor Indonesia Forms New Collaboration With SSR Jakarta & RCTI
X Factor Indonesia Forms New Collaboration With SSR Jakarta & RCTI
After partnering with Indonesian Idol 2012, SSR Jakarta and RCTI will reunite for another talent-show in 2013, X Factor Indonesia.

SSR Jakarta is delighted to welcome all contestants whose categories are devided into: Female Under 26 (Shena, Yohana, and Fatin), Male Under 26 Category (Gede Bagus, Mikha Angelo and Adam Dicky) and Group Category (Dalagita, Nu Dimension and Ilusia).

All categories will undertake their vocal coaching, band rehearsals, and string taking at SSR Jakarta’s venues. The training started in February 2013 in SSR Jakarta’s GS-R24 Studio Control Room, GS-R24 Studio, Icon Foley Studio and Green / iLive Studio. X Factor participants will practice every week at SSR Jakarta to prepare for their live performance on RCTI every Friday night.

X Factor Indonesia, which is licensed from the UK X Factor, is a new program aired in Indonesia and currently entering the final stages of competition. Coaching progress is mentored by Ahmad Dhani, Rossa, Bebi Romeo, and Anggun C. Sasmi, all of whom are industry active practitioners.

Irfan, Assistant Producer for X Factor Indonesia:
“SSR has complete facilities and qualifications as a whole which can fulfill our finalists’ needs. RCTI will also cooperate with iTunes, whose finalists will record in SSR Jakarta’s studios. The results of the live recording of each finalist will be edited and mixed at SSR Jakarta and afterwards will be sent to iTunes in the US. The results can be downloaded via iTunes.”

Different from Indonesian Idol, each finalist of X Factor Indonesia is directly trained by the judges. Each category is handled by a mentor. Male and Female Over 26 Category is handled by Bebi Romeo, Female Under 26 Category by Rossa, Male Under 26 Category by Anggun C. Sasmi and Group Category by Ahmad Dhani. The mentors will bring their own vocal coaches, photographer and stylist. Rossa has already visited SSR Jakarta with her group.

We are delighted to be a part of X Factor Indonesia, which is already gaining strong TV ratings and is set to be a great success. We would like to wish all contestants good luck and will do everything we can to support them while visiting SSR.