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SSR Jakarta - Indonesian Idol Visits SSR Manchester
Indonesian Idol Visits SSR Manchester
Together with SSR Jakarta in January 2013, both of the Indonesian Idols performed and recorded at Spirit Studio, Manchester. The studio which belongs to SSR in Manchester is one of the best studios in England and is steeped in history from the original Spirit Studios, the birthplace of bands such The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and The Smiths.

This 136 meter2 large studio was designed by an professional acoustic designer, Jochen Veith.

During the recording process, Regina and Sean were recorded by Martin Desai, SSR Manchester’s Head of Audio. Martin is a well-known lecturer of sound engineering and is one of Manchester’s most respected sound engineers, having worked with and remixed the likes of Kings of Convenience, Sugababes and Ian Brown. Martin is going to visit Indonesia in February 2013, a guest of The Stone Roses for their concert in Jakarta and also visiting and performing a Masterclass at SSR Jakarta.

Martin was assisted during the Idol sessions by Steve Boyce Buckley, an active practitioner in the music industry in England and audio engineering tutor at SSR who has worked with Cher, Take That, Linda Lewis, Danii Minouge , Lisa Stanfield and many others. Steve accompanied the Idols on piano for the sessions and performance, also was a vocal director for Regina and Sean during the recording.

Regina Ivanova:
“Even though I was nervous at first, working with Martin and Steve was exciting and surprisingly comfortable. Amazing! Steve could still direct my vocal although the song which was recorded sung in Indonesian!”

According to Hermanto Murniadi, SSR Jakarta principal, Regina-Sean’s departure to UK showed SSR Jakarta’s earnestness as an educational institution in creative media to cooperate within the industry to promote Indonesian creative industry itself.

Besides the recording process, SSR Jakarta dedicated an education trip to Liverpool. This trip meant to educate our Idols about the roots of modern music history in England, with Liverpool the birthplace of The Beatles and modern rock n’ roll as we know it.

SSR Jakarta and Indonesian Idols’ journey to the background of the Beatles started by visiting the school and campus where John, Paul, George and Ringo had hunted science and experience of their music. These places had influenced the Beatles’s taste-of-art, such as Penny Lane. Afterwards, the journey stepped into a church where John and Paul met for the very first time.

Strawberry Field, John Lennon’s favorite place to spend his time studying, was also visited by Regina and Sean. This place became famous right after John had written a song titled Strawberry Field Forever. This fun journey ended in a club called Cavern Club on Matthew Street. This was a place where the Beatles performed for the first time 50 years ago. The Beatles are not the only famous name to have performed at The Cavern, there have been Elton John, Jimmy Hendrix, Prince, Jessie J, Adele, and many more.

Besides that fantastic historical journey, both the Indonesian Idols performed in front of English audiences in SSR Manchester, collaborating with Steve Boyce Buckley and Adam Wardle, an experienced slide guitar player.

After giving their performance in Manchester, Regina and Sean were invited to the embassy of Indonesia in London and entertained Indonesian people who live there. Regina and Sean also visited SSR London and enjoyed a campus tour with Mr Ian Hu, SSR principal.

This music-historical journey, which was fully supported and scheduled by SSR Jakarta, left sweet memories to our 7th season Indonesian Idols. According to Sean, this opportunity was one in a life time moment!