POSTED ON – 15.01.13

SSR Jakarta - Fauzan Rizal Guest Lecture
Fauzan Rizal Guest Lecture
SSR Jakarta excitingly welcomed Fauzan Rizal as a Digital Film and Music Video Production (DFMVP) guest lecturer. Towards the end of November, DFMVP’s topic was to learn about cinematography. According to Mr. Rizal, cinematography consists of lighting, composition, types of shots and camera movements.

Mr. Rizal, who works for Dapur Film, has been involved in the making of 21 films, with a duty as a director of photography for such films: Sang Pencerah, Ayat Ayat Cinta, Get Married, Perempuan Berkalung Sorban, to the latest one, Perahu Kertas. This Indonesian cinematographer also claimed that Indonesia film infrastructure has grown faster since the industry’s doers have adopted other countries’ technologies.

“We have a tendency to use technologies with different systems from other countries. Therefore, we need to adjust our resources with those technologies and systems. The challenge is that there are not enough formal educations for that case. You can find different movies with the same film makers here.”

Mr. Rizal was delighted when he visited SSR Jakarta which provides film production formal education. He wished that SSR Jakarta can improve both numbers and quality of Indonesian film makers. Looking at DFMVP students’ enthusiasts, Mr. Rizal was willingly to guide SSR Jakarta’s students who want to do an internship with Dapur Film, a production house which creates at least six films in a year.

“You can start entering a film industry by applying your CV and portfolios to a production house. Then after implicating yourself within our culture, we will decide which position will suit your skill and personality the best. You might need to start it by being one of the crews. Learn from the bottom before you reach the top.”

Actually, the qualifications Mr. Rizal looked for are someone who can combine technical skills and creativity: “Cinematographer himself is not someone who can only make pictures. It requires research and design visual to interpret the scenario.”

Mr. Rizal mentioned the importance of being able to have “chemistry” with the producers we work with because if we know the producers, we can communicate and negotiate well on the points of cinematography perceptions.

Besides cinematographers, our film industry needs talented people to complete the roles of each film maker such as assistant producer, art director, cameraman, lighting designer, editor, etc. The career field is broadening, in line with the development of technology and media.

SSR Jakarta has lecturers who help the students to improve their communication skills, besides their expertise on concepts, techniques, and creativity. Therefore SSR Jakarta invites practitioners to our campus as guest lecturers whom students can interact with.