POSTED ON – 16.07.14

SSR Jakarta - Michael Pohorly Interview
Michael Pohorly Interview
Michael Pohorly is known for his work on The A-Team (2010), The Grey (2011) and This Means War (2012). He visited SSR Jakarta to complete some projects with our lecturers.

During his time in our studios, we grabbed the chance to talk with him about film industry.. Check this out!

Hi Michael, how are you? Can you tell us about your current project?
Hi, I am currently working on a short film that was produced in Bali and what I’m doing in SSR is working on the sound, music, background music and stuff.

We heard that you live in Bali, how did that happen?
Yes, friends of mine opened up some places in Bali. I came to visit, living in Bali and working on the project. I have been working as an assistant director over the last 10 years and between that time, I started to come to Bali and write and direct some projects here.

How did you meet Patrick and Declan the SSR Jakarta lecturers, and how did you end up work together?
Everyone I met on this project that I needed, they all came from the people that I knew in Bali. Basically, through friends of friends I met Patrick, Declan and also Jason.

Will you be staying a bit longer in Indonesia?
I hope so, I hope if I’m doing a couple of projects here, I’m gonna stay longer.

What do you think about SSR Jakarta?
I think it’s great and through Patrick and Declan and Jason, you have three multitalented people. I think they are great assets for the school. From the facilities like the sound room, everything looks good.

How about Indonesian film industry in your opinion?
I think there’s a lots of great people. I’ve met a lot of directors, writers and film people here and they are like great people. So, I think there’s some really nice stuff being done in Indonesia. I’m really impressed with everything in here.

Who’s your favorite Indonesian actor?
I like Oka Antara. I casted Oka and I love the way he works as an actor, the beautiful feelings that he brings. I think he’s perfect to play a police detective. I love his work.

Any messages for SSR students who want to have a career in film industry?
I think for your students, they got some talented instructors. Some of the work I’ve seen in Indonesia with young people is actually really good, inventive and creative. If you have the feeling “something I should try”, I say go for it! Enjoy the benefits being in school seeing some inventive stuff. Just try to do something different and see how it works!

Big thanks to Michael for sparing the time for this interview and we wish him the best of luck with the projects!