POSTED ON – 21.07.14

SSR Jakarta - Interview with Main Studios founders Andi Martin and Marlin Sugama
Interview with Main Studios founders Andi Martin and Marlin Sugama
Main Studios is a creative studio committed to stories and character developments for digital entertainment content.

The studio started as Main Games studios for video games development and Main Motion studios for animation development.

We sat down for a quick interview with Main Studios' founders Andi Martin (Creative Director) and Marlin Sugama (Producer) when they recently visited SSR Jakarta to talk to our Animation students.

Andi Martin (AM)
Marlin Sugama (MS)

Can you tell us a bit more about Main Studios?

MS: Main Studios is an animation studio that focuses on 3D Animation. We have 2 divisions. First is the service division, which accepts the client's order for animation projects. Second is IP (Intellectual Property), in animation and comics.

When making projects, you surely have a fun but stressful time. What kind of projects and which part of them are the most fun to do?

MS: Stressful about timeline, but fun about money! (laughing).
AM: The timeline is sometimes very stressful, but for me the fun part is getting new experiences and tackling challenging projects.

What Main Studios project are you most proud of and what is it all about? Where did the inspiration come?

MS: That would be “Hebring”. You can find it on Youtube. Search “Hebring”.
AM: His real name is Heru from Tasikmalaya and he is a “Tukang Ojek” (Indonesian motorcycle taxi driver) and the story is about his adventure of being a super hero with his uniform while in Jakarta.
MS: The inspiration is from Andi’s obsession to become a super hero! (laughing).

What do you think about the improvement of the animation industry in Indonesia?

MS: Compare to us in the past, it definitely has a huge progress. That means, there are a lot of new players, the system is better and more people are interested to watch animation film. Also there are so many animation schools whether it’s formal or informal.

From the market side, there are many animation films that played in cinema nowadays. It can be about twenty films in a year. Animation is for everyone now. So in Indonesia, it’s been very good.

The benefits that we have are we can go to international competition, more exposures and also some cash of money. And the most important thing is networking.

What do you think of the animation class at SSR Jakarta?

AM: I see a good concept for creative industry. You have audio, animation and film students that can collaborate together and the future is very promising. Hopefully there will be more students interested and join the class.

Now we talk about the presidential election. What is the best criteria in your opinion?

AM: Of course they should be the person who loves and gives a full support to our creative industry. Because so many people here that have potentials.
MS: They should realize that not only natural resources we have to manage but also more to human resources which can add revenue for the country.

Have any messages for youths that want to have a career in animation?

AM: Never give up! You should struggle to get what you want.
MS: Passion and focus. When everything fails, passion is the only one you have. When you have passion, you should have focus to do it one by one.

Thanks to Andi and Marlin for talking to us!

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