POSTED ON – 15.11.12

SSR Jakarta - Jazz Goes To SSR Campus
Jazz Goes To SSR Campus
On Tuesday, November 6 2012, SSR Jakarta was delighted by the opportunity to talk with Idang Rasjidi, a senior jazz musician who has dedicated his life for Jazz.

Altogether with Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC), Idang Rasjidi and his band delivered JGTC Children Workshop in SSR Jakarta live venue. He was introducing jazz to the young age mucisians. “Jazz Goes to Campus held this JGTC Children Workshop as a due to realization of ‘corporate’ social responsibility. We are doing our best efforts to contribute education and endorse Jazz through Indonesian young people, especially college students.” Said Siward Mandira Ludin, the chairman of the JGTC committee from Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia (FEUI). Siward also proudly presented Freedom of Jazzpression as a theme for JGTC 35th festival.

As a school of audio engineering and film production, SSR Jakarta excitedly supports this oldest jazz festival in Indonesia, which has collaborated with many jazz experts.

“The battlefield is out there and I am very happy to know that there is a school for audio like this. I have dreamt about this kind of school since long time ago and gladly welcome SSR. I really hope SSR Jakarta students will be sterling and for sure, will have a spirit to give and a spirit to feed. Jazz is about personality.” Commented Idang Rasjidi.

This professional jazz performer criticized that audio engineers in Indonesia actually can compete with worldwide audio engineers as long as they are brave enough to control their mindsets and try to understand other people with different characters realistically.

“Audio engineers’ roles are essential for any musicians’ performances. They have to experience the battlefield themselves, to work with many different people, to not only count on their own ears.” Idang Rasjidi seriously advised, “This JGTC community, other festivals, and this SSR school are great vessels for music industry. It’s like when jazz find a home, it will just grow.”

In order to celebrate JGTC 35th sustainability, JGTC will hold a jazz festival on this 25th of November . There will be 30 jazz performances approximately, consist of local and global musicians. Projected musicians performing from Indonesia expects Idang Rasyidi, Barry Likumahuwa, Anggun, Dwiki Dharmawan, and other talented jazz artists. Meanwhile, there will be Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Mayer Hawthorne, Raul Midon, Ken Hirai, and some others who are planned to come from overseas.