POSTED ON – 01.11.12

SSR Jakarta - Java Soulnation Festival
Java Soulnation Festival
In order to prepare their performances for Java Soulnation Festival, which was held in the end of September 2012, many of the young and also senior musicians involved came to SSR Jakarta and used our studios and spaces for their final rehearsal.

These artists included Gecko, The Banery, Lars, Respect, Joshua Mars, Jevin, Sandhy Sondoro, Andien, Ras Mohammad, Millane Fernandez and other familiar Indonesian musicians.

Java Soulnation Festival combined a range of fun attractions and activities and presented an array of talent from both Indonesia and abroad. This periodic festival fosters cross-cultural cooperation to provide wider opportunities for the younger generation to enjoy world-quality entertainment.

Dewi Ghonta, Director of Java Festival Production (JFP):

“The concept aims to promote Indonesia through music and to bring musicians to Indonesia. These impacts of music and performing arts are potential to educate Indonesia music genres, so that they will be more variant.”

Dewi Ghonta uses music festival as a medium to expose Indonesia music talents and to promote either new musicians or famous ones. Dewi admitted that the reliability of audio engineers to support all performances is very important:

“We have to trust audio engineers who work with us in the festivals. We need people who have not only skills, but also capable to do the long-hours. Festivals present live performances in a rapid pace of time and take more than just hours. Our audio engineers have to control and stabilize their quality.”

Dewi responded positively to the presence of the audio engineering and film production training available at SSR Jakarta, telling us that she would like to have qualified SSR Students who wants to intern or even work with Java Festival:

“With this education, hopefully audio engineering and film production industry will flare, there will be more and more potential people, and also be able to regenerate the senior engineers. That’s what it takes us to believe in young audio engineers. SSR students have to comply JFP expectations.”

Java Soulnation rehearsal had been occurring for almost twenty days in iLive studio, owned by SSR Jakarta, which was also considered as a studio with international standard acoustic design and sound systems. The event itself was a great success and attended by thousands of people.