POSTED ON – 04.10.12

SSR Jakarta - Fun Learning with Kark Mobile & SSR
Fun Learning with Kark Mobile & SSR
Together with SSR Jakarta, an audio engineering and film production school, Kark Mobile is having two pilot projects to be proceeded. SSR Jakarta is getting involved in sound design and sound mixing process for Spongebob Squarepants and Dora The Explorer game applications. Dora and Spongebob were chosen from Nickelodeon, the biggest kids TV channel in America.

As one of Nickelodeon’s games and programming, Dora shows children how to observe situations and solve problems as they explore Dora’s world. Meanwhile, Spongebob adventures an underwater city called Bikini Bottom with his various friends. Both teaches kids to learn language (Dora regularly speaks and teaches some Spanish words and phrases), math skills, music, physical coordination, and other interactivities.

This edutainment-partnership will engage SSR lecturers and students, especially those who have learned Electronic Music Production and are familiar enough with MIDI Sequencer, one of the sound design tools that are used. Later on, the result of those processes will be patented by Nickelodeon as the franchise.

Ultimately, SSR and Kark Mobile are becoming digital natives’ part by creating edutainment. Let’s learn the fun way!