POSTED ON – 20.09.12

SSR Jakarta - Peter Janis Guest Lecture
Peter Janis Guest Lecture
On the 17th of September 2012, SSR and Kairos partnership invited students and professionals to a seminar with a grand topic about Understanding Signal Level. This seminar explained the various signal levels that are used in audio with a particular focus on live touring and stage production which brings the audience through microphones, bass guitars, acoustics, orchestral instruments, with piezo transducers, unbalanced signals from computers and CD players, professional line level devices, broadcast and all the way up to high output speaker signals.

Understanding Signal Level was presented by Mr. Peter Janis, the President of Radial Engineering at SSR Jakarta. He shared his experience and knowledge from Pro Clinic “Understanding Signal Level” itself in addition to an overview of Radial engineering products. Radial provides solutions for different challenges.

With more than forty-year experience in audio engineering, Peter Janis shared his point of views to the audience about the changing climates of audio engineering and it’s opportunities. He mentioned that in facing all changes, a real education for professional audio engineers is needed. This what he meant by honestly saying that a course is not enough to make everyone have good ears. It takes more than theories to be professionals.

Audio engineers nowadays need to move out from the recording studios to live performances. They need to be able to give the audience an experience. It does not only refer to audio engineers because at the same time, this audio industry has a huge movements towards more and more media, whether they apply through game, video, film, and even the very simple postings you see on the internet. It does link to visualization too. Trying to get students in real situations and put them into the studios, venues, theatres…even theme parks; anywhere music production is needed.

SeanPeter Janis:
“The internet has caused many changes. It is a big driver in changes and opportunities. There’s an opportunity today where traditionally broadcast was a studio in a tower, now broadcast is happening in basements, everywhere and It can happen at every level. So that means audio engineers right now can do everything from video confessing to global-reach broadcast. The opportunities are everywhere!”

According to Mr. Janis, it is important to find solutions for these changes, and one of the solutions is a real education. SSR has to provide young people with a good education, allowing students to prosper and do business: “Ultimately, what this school should do is give young people a short cut instead of 10 years on a road, so by two or three years studying, they can get a wide range of experiences and hopefully get them into the workforce quicker. That’s the goal for the school like SSR.”

Well, the SSR family will always try to prepare our students to face all changes and get them ready to do business quicker but also supply them with high-level quality. It is not the changes who dare us, it is us, who are ready to change!