POSTED ON – 04.06.15

SSR Manchester - Jay Beard Back On Tour With Elbow
Jay Beard Back On Tour With Elbow
Head of Live Sound at SSR, Jay Beard, is going back out on tour with Manchester legends Elbow.

Jay previously worked as Elbow's monitor engineer before joining SSR and last worked with the band in 2005 touring their Leaders Of The Free World album. 10 years on, Jay has been invited back by the band to fill in for a number of European festival shows including Pinklepop and Rock Werchter.

Jay has been using the virtual soundcheck capabilities of our Charlie Jones Live Venue at SSR to prep for the shows as the band use the same Avid D-Show console for live gigs. This has allowed Jay to get back up to speed with the setlist in a familiar environment and even treated visitors to our open evening with playback of an Elbow track he had mixed.

Elbow, Jay and the rest of the band's crew are completing tour rehearsals in Manchester next week before heading to the first gig at Holland's Pinklepop Festival on Friday 12th June.

Jay Beard:
"I'm really looking forward to doing these shows and it was an honour to be asked back on the road with the band. When I stopped working with Elbow in 2005 I remember saying "Don't forget me when you're rich and famous" and it looks like they haven't!

It's also a great opportunity to put into practice what I have been teaching my students over the last 10 years and see how the touring and festival industry has changed (or not) while I've been at SSR. I'll be writing a blog about the shows on my return so look out for that on the SSR website soon!"

For updates on the tour you can follow Jay on Twitter @jaybeard58

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