POSTED ON – 18.09.12

SSR Jakarta - SSR 'Commands' The Best For It's Students
SSR 'Commands' The Best For It's Students
In September 2012 SSR will be the first educational institution in Indonesia that uses the AVID D-Command ES 24 console. This is a high end control surface / mixing console used by professionals for audio production and post production in major studios around the world. The students at SSR will have the opportunity to master this console as they progress with their education.

D-Command is a control surface used to access and operate AVID’s Pro Tools software. SSR also provides Pro Tools HDX facilities, which are state of the art audio interfaces for processing and recording audio with pristine quality; this combination propels SSR to the front lines of industry standard equipment.

Over the last few years there have been fantastic advances in the world of software processes and analog emulation (including Avid’s new HEAT emulation), and the quality of mixing "in the box" has reached a new evolutionary stage. The ICON D-Command is a fantastic way to control this new world of creative power – it combines the feel of a traditional mixing console with direct control over the Pro Tools DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). With this ergonomic and technical flexibility, the traditional barriers of mixing are broken, and a well-trained user can create soundscapes that would have up to now been near-impossible to achieve.

Andrew HagermanAndrew Hagerman, Avid Training and Education Program Manager for Asia-Pacific:
“The trick, of course, is to understand the tools in order to make the most of them, and that’s where Avid Learning Partners such as SSR Jakarta come in. Led by Avid Certified Instructors, students will be trained on how to use Pro Tools as a recording, editing, and mixing platform, and then go further by applying those production concepts using the ICON D-Command. When they leave the classroom, they’ll be armed with the tools they need to be successful in the industry and to join the creative community”.

The equipment that is already available in the SSR Jakarta studios, offering complete integration with Pro Tools HD along side the traditional feel of an analogue mixing console, our students can practice the theory and techniques learnt throughout our courses, utilising the most modern mixing approaches on the latest equipment available.

Jason O’BryanJason O’Bryan, Head of Audio for SSR Jakarta:
“We are absolutely thrilled to be the first educational institute in Indonesia offering students the opportunity to train on the state of the art Avid D-Command control console, the experience will once again put SSR students at great advantage when completing their training and applying for jobs in the audio, television and gaming industries”.

With the incredible facilities and experienced lecturers available, SSR Jakarta offers unrivalled training experiences within Indonesia.