POSTED ON – 28.07.15

SSR Manchester - Studio & Live Sound Engineer
Studio & Live Sound Engineer
Livia Nagy completed our BSc (Hons) Studio & Live Music Production course in 2014 and now is working as a studio & live sound engineer at the Budapest Music Centre as well as an assistant sound engineer at the city's Pannonia Studio.

Budapest Music Centre (BMC) is a music information centre which collects and produces information on Hungarian classical and jazz musicians and of contemporary compositions available world-wide. BMC organizes classical, contemporary and jazz concerts as well as business events and conferences.

Budapest Music Centre

BMC Records publishes Hungarian artists of contemporary, classical and jazz fields. Pannonia Studio creates professional sound recordings for popular music, classical recordings, movie score recordings and even post production.

Livia, the recipient of our 2014 Mediaspec award, has been working with a number of Hungarian and international productions and artists, mixing live club concerts to music hall concerts and recording & mixing albums and participating in the movie score recordings. She also took part in a music library recording for Sky TV.

Pannonia Studio Budapest

She also secured a field recording job for this August in a Hungarian movie, recording for 18 days, where she will lead the sound team of two people.

Livia was a very popular student among both staff and fellow students during her time at SSR and we are very proud to have helped her along in her career and look forward to hearing about her future projects!