POSTED ON – 18.09.12

SSR Jakarta - SSR Jakarta Training Sumber Ria Crews
SSR Jakarta Training Sumber Ria Crews
SSR Jakarta has recently been providing training for staff of audio rental company Sumber Ria.

Sumber Ria is the number one audio rental company in Indonesia and employs some of the best technicians in the region, who have been receiving additional training at SSR. Over 8 sessions their staff has been brushing up on different topics concerning Live Sound such as signal flow, microphone technique, wireless systems, PA design and lots more. The training has been delivered by Cahyo Budiono (vice-principal of SSR Jakarta) alongside Willy Suniman, Leo Tansil and Dannes Item.

The additional training for Sumber Ria staff was undertaken in order to enhance their existing skills and knowledge, keeping them up to date with modern techniques and audio science. The result is that the crews become more perceptive when problem solving, are able to master new equipment and systems more efficiently and are able to overcome issues with venue acoustics and defective equipment.

For more than 30 years, Sumber Ria has been involved with many different events and productions throughout Indonesia. Some of the larger productions handled by Sumber Ria have included Java Jazz Festival (the world’s largest jazz festival), the ASEAN summit, concerts from 50 Cent, Iron Maiden, Kelly Clarkson, Muse and Beyonce and they also broadcast TV events all over Indonesia.

Backed by the latest technology equipment such as new speaker array systems, high end digital mixers, direct-to-disc live recorders, Sumber Ria has positioned itself as an industry leader. SSR Jakarta is proud to be in partnership with the company and we look forward to continued training with their staff.