POSTED ON – 11.08.15

SSR Manchester - Studio & Live Engineer
Studio & Live Engineer
Jacky Lau studied with SSR way back in the early 1990's when we were based at our original home on Tariff St, Manchester.

Graduating from SSR in 1993, Jacky jetted off and found work in recording studios and TV stations in Hong Kong as a sound engineer and cameraman.

These days Jacky owns his own studio in Hong Kong, Sound Village Studio, working on a variety of music and TV projects while also undertaking film dubbing and mixing sessions alongside video editing.

It is great to hear from Jacky and see him doing so well, particularly as he was such a dedicated student while on our courses...commuting from Cardiff to Manchester every day(!) to study with us took serious commitment and personal motivation!

Greetings from Manchester, Jacky!