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SSR Manchester - Do You Own The Dancefloor?
Do You Own The Dancefloor?
Tomorrow night sees the premier of a new documentary about Manchester's infamous Haçienda nightclub, Do You Own The Dançefloor?

The documentary, from first-time filmmaker Chris Hughes, takes a look back at the Haçienda's heyday by highlighting the stories behind the club's fixtures and fittings that were sold at auction in 2000 following its closure.

SSR's Music Business & Creative Industries students, with guidance and assistance from course leader Jo Hilditch, have been helping Chris and the team behind the documentary with some innovative marketing and promotional ideas for the launch and forthcoming DVD release as part of their marketing module. This is an ongoing relationship and Jo and the students are looking forward to continuing to work with Chris in the coming months. 

The late Tony Wilson, Liam Gallagher, Peter Hook and many other stars feature in the documentary, but the real stories are to be found as Chris tracks down the owners of the auctioned-off parts of the club; looking at what they bought and discovering why they wanted to own a piece of Manchester's history.

Do You Own The Dançefloor? has been gathering quite a bit of press in the build up to release, with articles on BBC News and in the Manchester Evening News to mention just two. We are delighted to have played a small part in seeing the documentary come to life and look forward to watching the full film.

The film premieres in a special screening event at The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester on Saturday 15th August and there are still a few tickets left at the box office at time of writing.


For further information check out the Do You Own The Dançefloor? website...
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