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SSR London - Gareth Whitehead's The Brood Album Mixed At SSR London
Gareth Whitehead's The Brood Album Mixed At SSR London
Back in June Gareth Whitehead released his long awaited debut album The Brood, a record that was mixed here at SSR London in our Neve Studio with assistance from SSR London's Michael Greig.

The Brood features a veritable who’s who of house and techno. From pioneers who helped shape the sound of early Detroit, Chicago, New York and UK scenes in the late 80s and early 90s to new pan global producers who represent dance culture’s ever growing reach, we find an album brimming with talent and collaborative ideas.

Each track involves collaboration: Eddie Fowlkes, Marshall Jefferson, Robert Owens, Lenny Dee,  Frankie Bones, Carl Cox, X-Press 2, Darren Emerson, Adamski, Inxec, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Space DJz's Ben Long, Tom Taylor and Werner Niedermeier all feature. That's some list!

MEDIA GALLERY - Album mixing and live sessions at SSR London

All the tracks were created using Ableton Live 9 and mixed on our very own Neve VR60/48 mixing console at SSR London by Head of London Operations and Michael Greig. The album heralds diversity in styles so this had to be cemented with a unified sound and our Neve desk fitted the bill perfectly.

Gareth Whitehead:
"Cementing the albums sound was imperative to the concept. Working on so many collaborations meant that there would inevitably be some disparity between tracks so we had to unify everything somehow. The excellent resources and equipment at SSR allowed us to fulfill this, in particular the Neve desk and all the outboard equipment. Without SSR the album would not have been possible."

WATCH - Be At.TV Live Broadcast Performance recorded at SSR London

A follow up remix album is also in the works and will feature re-workings of the album tracks from the likes of The Revenge, Colin Dale and Alfredo among others.

Check out the 'making of' documentary from DJ Mag below that sees Gareth, Mike et al discussing the thoughts and processes behind the creation of the album:

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