POSTED ON – 08.10.15

SSR Manchester - Shadowparty Record At SSR
Shadowparty Record At SSR
Tom Chapman, the bass player from New Order, recently brought his new project Shadowparty into SSR for a recording session in our flagship Spirit recording studio.

Featuring members of New Order and DEVO with collaborators from The Verve, Future Islands and Primal Scream, it was an honour to welcome everyone to the SSR studios to lay down some tracks.

We asked Tom to fill us in on the new project and this is what he had to say...

Tom Chapman:
"The band is called Shadowparty and its nucleus is myself, Phil Cunningham from New Order with Josh Hager and Jeff Friedl from DEVO.

We have collaborators performing on some of our songs, such as Nick McCabe from the Verve (who joined us at SSR), William Cashion from Future Islands, Denise Johnson from ACR/Electronic/Primal Scream and Joe Duddell, who has worked with Elbow, new Order and Jimi Goodwin from Doves, who all add amazing textures to the music".

The sessions were expertly engineered by SSR Studio Assistant Joe Clayton and the band were more than happy with the results of Joe's hard work during the recordings.

We can't wait to hear the results of the sessions when they see the light of day, but for now check out some pictures from the studio over here.