POSTED ON – 16.11.15

SSR London - Stephane Elmosnino - Certified Pro Tools Expert
Stephane Elmosnino - Certified Pro Tools Expert
Stephane Elmosnino recently travelled from Brisbane, Australia, for a holiday to Italy. During his time in Italy, he decided to take a detour to London to study Pro Tools at SSR. He arrived as a certified Pro Tools User, and left as a Certified Pro Tools Expert in both Music and Post Production, with both Expert exams being taken in the same weekend!

In total Stephane studied 5 different Pro Tools courses and passed exams for all 5 courses at SSR London in a short space of time. We decided to have a chat with him about why he wanted to do such intensive Pro Tools training.

Hi Stephane- tell us about your job role, description and background?
"By day, Head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production (JMC Academy, Brisbane, Australia). The position requires me to oversee and coordinate all aspects of the Bachelor of Creative Technology (Audio Engineering and Sound Production), including lecturer management, student management, curriculum development, and delivery of classes.

By night, electronic music producer and mastering engineer at EDM-Mix-Master. I compose and produce music for adverts, local artists, and anything else that helps keep me creative!"

What made you want to take Pro Tools Certification?
"Having used Pro Tools for over a decade, this is something I have been wanting to do for a while. I mostly wanted to ensure that the classes I deliver at university includes the most relevant functions of the software, as well as to enhance my work flow when I am in the studio."

How is this going to benefit you in your day to day operations?
"I have learnt more effective work flows, shortcuts, and aspects of the software which I didn’t even know existed. This is all helping with day to day uses of the software, and some of the more obscure functions are definitely good “party tricks” to discuss and show off with colleagues!"

Why should people attend the Pro Tools Courses?
"I believe the courses are most beneficial to people who already know and use the software. This allows to pick up the more interesting functions being shown and fully take advantage of the knowledge of the SSR teachers."

How did you find studying at SSR?
"In one word: Fantastic. The facilities deliver what you would expect from a world class training facility (and I should know, I run one myself!), and the teachers are some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable people I have met while in London."

Well done Stephane!

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