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SSR Manchester - Technical Manager & Live Sound Engineer
Technical Manager & Live Sound Engineer
Vardges Sayadyan completed our 6 month Live Sound Engineering course in 2014 before heading back to his hometown of Yerevan in Armenia to work for a local production company.

As Vardges explains below, he is now involved in various fields within the audio industry including live sound engineering, studio production and technical services. We recently caught up with Vardges and asked him to fill us in on his experiences and employment since graduating from SSR.

Vardges Sadayan:
"Hi to everyone at SSR, I hope you are doing well!

Right after finishing the Live Sound course in Manchester I went back to my hometown in Armenia, working as a Technical Manager at DG Contact Production.

We deliver technical and sound services for many major indoor and outdoor concerts and corporate events in Yerevan, including governmental events such as the French President's and European Affairs Minister’s visits to Armenia.

During 2015 I recorded and mixed the album Upsessions for the band The Bambir, with whom I also toured in Europe, Russia and Georgia last summer.

One highlight of many was the band playing at the Tbilisi Open Air festival which was a 5 day festival with a lineup including Black Label Society, Archive, Placebo, Beth Hart, Soap&Skin and more. We were performing on the 3rd day and were the opening band for Black Label Society. We also played ESK 2015 in Poland, One Caucase 2015 in Warsaw and Georgia, 16 Tonnes in Moscow and the Platonov Art Festival in Voronezh, Russia. So we have been pretty busy!

I have also recorded live sessions not only for The Bambir but also other bands including Palm Of The Granite, Sacvoyage and Crisis Of The Genre. I also recorded a debut album for Crisis Of The Genre.

We have also started supporting the local underground music scene and the young generation of potential engineers, much of which is based on the methods and experiences I learned from SSR.

I had a great time at SSR and really enjoyed my time in Manchester. SSR is the place where you'll find all the necessary facilities and amenities to empower not only your theoretical knowledge but also a place to develop a number of really important practical skills, that will help you get into the track of the live music industry.

You can feel the warmth and support from the staff at SSR from your very first day there. I am lucky enough to be a part of this great community and I want to say thanks to all the staff members at SSR and of course my special greetings to Mr. Jay Beard and Paul Rattcliff, the men who taught me how to use the available audio tools in a safe and correct manner, and how to get the best out of them!"

We'd like to congratulate Vardges on his achievements so far and look forward to hearing about his future exploits. As a student he is fondly remembered here and still keeps in touch via our social media channels, which is great to see. Well done Vardges!

If you would like further information on our Live Sound Engineering course please click here.
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