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SSR Manchester - SSR Film Students visit 3D Media Conference in Belgium
SSR Film Students visit 3D Media Conference in Belgium
Meaningful industry links and creative partnerships are hugely important at SSR. From our very first creative partnership more than 20 years’ ago, to where we are today, the impact that partnerships have on our courses, students and even on our industry partners, remains significant.

Our 3D Film Production course demonstrates perfectly the benefits that these partnerships bring to our students and partners. Our 3D Film production courses are renowned in the 3D film community around the world and as a result, partnerships flourish.

To capitalise on this, this year our 3D Film students deliberately ended their year with a bang.

Once a year, we pay a visit to Liege, Belgium, yearly host to the world renowned 3D Stereo Media International 3D Summit, attended by many of the world’s leading figures in 3D stereoscopy.

This year we arrived in Liege a day earlier than the students, where our Head of Film, Bruce Fitter, was asked to write and present a white paper, titled ‘VR and The Death of the Screen Plane’. This paper would have resonated highly with our partners.

As expected, the paper went very well, and directly following this, Bruce and our 3D Film Production students were asked to attend a networking event at Prince-Bishop’s Palace in Liege, where many of the world’s practitioners of 3D Film production were organised to speak with the students when they arrived.

One of these practitioners was non-other than Celine Tricart, a very well-known and talented stereographer who specifically spoke with our female students about making it in the 3D industry from the perspective of a woman – an issue we are actively trying to address early on in the delivery of our education.

The rest of our day was made up of a tour of BARCO, the company that makes IMAX and multiplex projectors, with the bus trip itself proving to be a great opportunity for students to network with some world renowned 3D practitioners who were travelling with us – and they did!

First thing the following day, our students were given tips and tricks for creating 3D VR from practitioners on the cutting edge of what is being produced today. It also provided our head of film, Bruce, with enough future food for thought, as we plan out our own syllabuses for the semesters ahead.

The evening finished with presentations and the after party – essentially another opportunity to network, which we encourage our students to grab with both hands. This networking resulted in ticket prices for a large screen 3d conference in LA waved – not bad, a saving of US $1,200; possible work placements in Pine Wood Studios and the offer of potential work placements in Los Angeles with Celine Tricart!

Naturally, we are immensely proud of our partner links - Dr Martens being the latest in a long line - with many more creative partnerships being planned for music, film and games on the horizon.

Excellent news all round.
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