POSTED ON – 04.07.12

SSR Jakarta - Indonesian Idol 2012 Finalists To Visit SSR Manchester
Indonesian Idol 2012 Finalists To Visit SSR Manchester
As one of the sponsors of Indonesian Idol 2012, SSR Jakarta (Audio Engineering and Film Production School) will be sending the final two 2012 Indonesian Idol contestants to Manchester, England, for a special trip and recording session.

Idol finalists Kamasean Matthews (Sean) and Regina Ivanova with be travelling to SSR Manchester to record in their flagship Spirit Studio. Both contestants said they were very excited and eager to experience the recording process in the recording session which will be engineered by SSR’s ‘Head of Audio’ Martin Desai.

During the trip SSR will also be sending the winners on a sightseeing & shopping trip to London as a special treat. Regina was extremely happy and did not expect the reward she would receive from SSR Jakarta, having once prayed that someday she will get to London: "Someday I want to have a trip to London, don’t know when and how. But I really want to go there ".

"I’m so happy, this will be the first time for me to travel abroad, and the coolest thing is , I will go to one of my favorite countries....UK! And having a chance for recording in UK. I feel like I’m living my dream. Its really like one in a million chance and I’m very thankful to God that I get this chance."

Regina and Sean

This grand final of Indonesian Idol 2012 is very special because for the first time in the history of Indonesian Idol (season 7), there are only two female contestants left. In earlier seasons, both of the grand finalists were always men and women or both men. Another unique thing about this grand final is their age, Regina (26 years) is the oldest contestant and Sean (16 years) is the youngest contestant. For Regina Indonesian Idol 2012 is her last chance to participate on this most prestigious singing competition in Indonesia, after six time unsuccessful attempts to pass the auditions since the first season.

Besides the opportunity to get a recording session at Spirit Studio Manchester, the Indonesian Idol 2012 winner, once the public has decided, will get the opportunity to collaborate with the Royal Northern College of Music, the oldest music school in Europe. They will also visit sights around Manchester including Manchester United TV and Old Trafford stadium, Liverpool and also London, including a trip to SSR London in Camden. SSR Jakarta’s involvement in Indonesian Idol is in order to build a networking with the music industry world and also to contribute to Indonesia’s music. The prizes awarded to the winner are recognition of her achievement and appreciation.