POSTED ON – 12.05.16

SSR  - SSR Sponsors Jamchester 2016
SSR Sponsors Jamchester 2016

As leading providers of games, music and film education, SSR are very pleased to announce our brand new sponsorship of Jamchester, the UK’s biggest professional game jam and taking place in the heart of Manchester.

With more than 200 developers expected to take part, Jamchester is the first major UK game jam aimed at videogame professionals, with teams from major games companies and indie devs competing on a level playing field. Participants come from a range of diverse backgrounds including programmers, artists, producers, sound designers and composers.

At Jamchester this year, our team will be providing another first – a dedicated audio clinic, with one of our audio post production and Pro Tools experts on hand with a full recording and mixing setup, where we’ll be able to record dialogue or sound effects as well as offer access to an extensive sound library; recording and creating audio the teams may need on-site, placing the recordings straight into participants games!

With over 30 years of audio engineering expertise at our disposal, we’ll be on the lookout for exceptional work in the fields of sound and music composition. Our Games team will also naturally be taking a keen interest in the games being developed during the event.

Jamchester, the product of a collaboration between HackManchester, and the industry network Gameopolis, is looking to change the arena of game jams; Simon Smith of Gameopolis briefly sums up the event - "We've created Jamchester to showcase Greater Manchester on the national stage as a great place to make games."

For SSR, having been present at every Gameopolis event to date, we couldn’t agree more, and seeing first-hand the excellent talent in Manchester, we naturally couldn’t wish to support a better event in the national games calendar, either.

Games will be assessed at the end of the event by expert judges from PlayStation, Creative Assembly and Microsoft among others, with prizes awarded for excellence in a variety of disciplines.

Game development is still growing strong here in Manchester and naturally we work hard to ensure that Manchester is a great place to learn how to make games.

Jamchester will be held at The Studio in Manchester, from May 20 to 22. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Special Effect.