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SSR  - SSR Manchester Facilities Upgrades 2016
SSR Manchester Facilities Upgrades 2016
Every summer we upgrade our facilities as part of our long standing commitment to invest in the latest and most industry relevant technology for our students. We liaise with the industry, speak to our course leaders and tutors and gather valuable student feedback throughout the year to create our upgrade plan.

This summer, we’ve invested in new equipment so we can teach the latest technology used in the industry and also replace equipment coming to the end of its life; ensuring high levels of reliability and student satisfaction.

The following upgrades have been completed for the start of the new academic year:


PC Suite 2
A brand new PC Suite is has been constructed and will primarily be used for our Games courses delivery. PC Suite 2 utilises custom built workbenches that have been designed to enable collaborative and group learning workflows during lectures and practical time.

Each student has a high specification Dell workstation with an Nvidia Quadro graphics card, two 21.5” LED monitors, a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and a pair of headphones. Software includes Autodesk 3DS Max, Pixologic ZBrush, Marmoset Toolbag 2, Knald, Quixel Suite 2, Adobe Creative Cloud, Unreal Engine, Microsoft Visual Studio Community and more.

A Clear Zone has been created at the rear of the room to allow for any research and development tasks. A 40” LCD TV, a Playstation 4 and some soft furnishing are located here too.


Replacement computers
A number of replacement computers have been installed, including:
  • A new Mac Pro and Sonnet rack case in Spirit Studio.
  • A new Mac Pro and Sonnet rack case in the ICON Studio.
  • A new iMac in Edit Suite 1.
  • A new iMac in Edit Suite 2.
  • Five new iMacs, replacing the existing systems in the Green Room.

Film sign-out equipment
A number of items have been purchased for our film production students to use in our Film Studio and on location:
  • A Hurricane 3D rig (configurable as both a beam splitter rig and side by side rig) with additional bolster bracket, for use with our Blackmagic Design URSA Mini cameras.
  • F&V LED lighting kit with V-mount batteries and Gekko stands.
  • Additional items for our Blackmagic Design URSA Mini kits: lens filters, 256GB Cfast 2.0 cards, rain covers & Lens slip rings
  • Sekonic Light meter
  • Scrim Jim diffuser and frame kit
  • 2x new clapperboards

DJ Trolley
A new Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 4-channel DJ Mixer has been installed on the DJ trolley, replacing the Rane Mixer.
Pioneer XDJ-1000 stands and brackets have also been used to mount two XDJ-1000 media players on the trolley in addition to the two Technics 1210 turntables.  


Resolume is an audio-visual performance tool that enables users to play video clips and mix them with each other, applying effects and output them for a live performance or for recording.

29 Resolume Avenue and 3 Resolume Arena licenses have been purchased for our Electronic Music & DJ
Practice BA degree students to use and are installed as follows:
  • Mac Suite 4: 21 seats of Resolume Avenue
  • Green Room Macs: 7 seats of Resolume Avenue
  • Pioneer Booth: 1 seat of Resolume Avenue
  • Macbook Packs: 3 seats of Resolume Arena

Charlie Jones Live Venue
A new 1080P projector has been installed, along with a laser pointer.


Cubase 8-8.5 Upgrade
All Cubase workstations have been upgraded to version 8.5


Audio sign-out equipment:
A number of items have been added to our audio sign-out equipment stock:
• 1x Roland TR8 Rhythm Performer
• 1x Korg Minilogue Polyphonic Synthesizer
• 2x DrumDial Drum Tuners
• 3x Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interfaces (2nd generation)
• 3x Stokyo Black Box DJ Cartridge Cases
• 1x Audio Technica Pro 44 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone


Handheld USB Camera
A handheld USB camera has been purchased for practical lectures. This will allow a tutor to display the output of the camera on to a projector whilst demonstrating a piece of equipment.


SSR students should check Moodle/Emails for a comprehensive breakdown of our facilities upgrades.
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