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SSR Manchester - ‘No Roads In’ musicians perform live acoustic sets for their UK film premier, supported by SSR students.
‘No Roads In’ musicians perform live acoustic sets for their UK film premier, supported by SSR students.
As ‘creative partners’ of the Manchester Film Festival (MANIFF) for a second year running, we were proud to support ‘No Roads In’ this weekend for its UK premier, a unique documentary on ‘how music transforms our lives’.

Beautifully filmed in the Canadian countryside, ‘No Roads In’ follows Adam Naugler, Blake Reid and their band, as they use the natural acoustics of an abandoned farmhouse to create an acoustic album in just 5 days. Battling with the elements in rural Alberta, director Josh Wong has captured an inspiring journey of musicians, working to create music that is truly authentic.

In celebration of their first UK screening, musicians Blake Reid and Aaron Young performed three acoustic live sets of music featured in the film. In support of what was a highlight of this year’s festival, we provided ’The Blake Reid Band’ musicians with PA support from SSR students, allowing them to gain valuable practical experience.

“The students and support staff from SSR made us feel right at home. They were engaging, friendly and did a fantastic job setting up and dialling in the PA for our performances. Thank you SSR!”

– Blake Reid

The duo kicked-off Saturday with a 12pm set played in the Manchester Printworks, followed by a second performance inside the Odeon theatre just before their 3pm screening. This was followed by a live Q&A session and a third and final set played in Artisan on Saturday night.

Having listened to Blake and Aaron bring their film to life, it is no surprise that ‘No Roads In’ won the festival’s award for ‘Best Music/Score’, as well as receiving special mentions from the jury for ‘Outstanding Documentary Feature’, ‘Outstanding Cinematography’ and ‘Outstanding Edit’.

We spoke to Blake to find out how he enjoyed his time in Manchester, and what he thought of this year’s festival.

“Celebrating rural life in North America, we were unsure of the response ‘No Roads In’ would receive at MANIFF, from people not familiar with this lifestyle and associated roots music. After the screening, many people responded with tears in their eyes, praising the film and requesting to download the music. It reinforced our belief that human connection, emotion and music are without borders.”

– Blake Reid

Both the SSR staff and students loved supporting ‘No Roads In’, and as they continue to screen at various international film festivals, we expect they will be picking up more awards along the way.

The complete ‘No Roads In’ album will be available to buy on vinyl this autumn.
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