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SSR Online - New online course dates
New online course dates
Having provided high quality training in Music, Film and Games for over 30 years, we have now expanded our course range to offer online courses. These have been designed to suit both hobbyists and professionals who are looking to expand on their existing knowledge and gain new skills across these areas.

Following the successful launch of our first ‘Audio for Games: FMOD and Unity’ earlier this year, we have now developed the ‘Audio for Games: Wwise and Unity’ course to cover the most valuable software applications for a career in games audio. Games require sound to adapt in real time; the right audio, in the right places, with the right triggers, can make or break a game, and people with these skills are in high demand.

Both of these courses are delivered exclusively online, helping students to develop through practical examples, exercises and coursework, and are designed for people with some basic DAW experience. They allow the student to gain a solid understanding of the skills of audio for computer games to deliver professional results.

Until quite recently, the software needed to create games that could be integrated with audio middleware was very expensive. However, now it is free, (other than for commercial use), all you need is a computer, a DAW and Internet access to get started. 

"Game audio has quite a lot in common with film post production, but it has its own unique set of challenges.
For example, you can’t predict what a player will do. Will they brush against a door frame, or run into the wall at full pelt? You need to design sound that interacts with events in the game world.

I designed these courses to teach you what I wanted to learn when I started out. They focus on creating interactive audio, but also cover the basics of the Unity engine, so you will learn how to implement your sound and music in your own games." - Ciaran Robinson, Head of Online Courses

With more courses across Music, Film, and Games in the pipeline, we aim to make a wide range of specialist courses as valuable and as accessible as possible for our students.

Follow the links below for individual course dates:

Audio for Games: FMOD and Unity
Audio for Games : Wwise and Unity

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