POSTED ON – 09.07.13

SSR London - Matt Alber records at SSR London
Matt Alber records at SSR London
Following a similar session at SSR Manchester just days earlier, we recently welcomed renowned singer and performer Matt Alber to SSR London for a recording session in our Neve studio.

Based in San Francisco, USA, Matt has previously released solo albums (inc Constant Crows and Hide Nothing), and toured all over the world.

Matt is also a former member of Chanticleer, a Grammy Award-Winning vocal ensemble that has been performing with various members since its inception in 1978.

During the session, engineered by SSR students Sameer Khan and Juliano Vilas Grimaldi, Matt recorded a new self-penned track called House on Fire that is set to feature on his new album.

The recording sessions in both Manchester and London came to fruition after SSR Vice Principal Ian Carmichael saw Matt performing in London earlier this year and invited him to SSR when he came to Manchester. As he was also performing in London Matt took the chance to do some recording here too.

Matt Alber:
“SSR has great studios! I had lots of fun in London and Manchester recording some new tracks and the students really knew their way around the studio. What an absolute pleasure it is to sing with one's whole voice, it’s the first time I could record with my full voice due to limitations of my home studio.”