POSTED ON – 26.03.13

SSR London - The Datsuns Record at SSR London
The Datsuns Record at SSR London
Sophie Grant was the proud winner of the Ian Brown Scholarship back in 2010 which sponsored her place on our Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course and recently brought The Datsuns into SSR London.

Sophie has been working with The Datsuns for around 8 years working as FOH on their live tours and more recently in the Neve studio here at SSR London recording some brand new material.

Sophie had this to say:
“I do front of house live sound for The Datsuns, I have worked for them on and off for about 8 years. I was on tour with them in Europe and they asked me if I could record them on our day off in London. I thought of SSR straight away because I love working in the Neve studio and I knew I could do a high quality recording in just one session.

We started at 9pm and finished at around 3am. The band worked on the tracks in our sound checks for the live shows and then completed the songs in the studio on the night. We got 2 tracks of drums bass guitars and guide vocals recorded at SSR.

We recorded the guitars in live room 1 and the kit in live room 2. Christian Datsun (guitarist) and Dolf Datsun (bass player and vocalist) were with me in the in control room and connected to their amps through tie lines. Phil Datsun rhythm guitar parts were overdubbed after.

We chose to set up like this for a few reasons, to record the track live, to make sure that the band could see each-other and talk to each other and combine their ideas into the track freely. With this set up we could work fast, get clean recordings, create an easy writing environment for the band and maintain a live feel to the track. We captured really good performances and we were all super happy with the session. Rob Owen assisted the session and Julian and Rob from Phase 1 and 2 were also a great help to us during our session."

It is fantastic to see Sophie doing so well in the industry and we are delighted that our training has helped her gain this opportunity.