Dhani Agustinus
Film Tutor
SSR Jakarta - Dhani Agustinus, Film Tutor
Dhani gained a Bachelors Degree from Jakarta Arts Institute in 2004, majoring in Film Study. He got a scholarship to continue his Master Degree in University Paris 3, France in 2008, majoring in Film Distribution.

Dhani has made some short documentaries; Paris Dream, Paris Dream Continued and Restaurant Indonesia, for which he won Best Documenter at the Festival Documenter Jogjakarta 2008.

In 2007, he was selected to participate in a 2 month documentary summer course in La Femis, the most prestigious Film School in France.

He also works in film promotion for films including Babies, Lourdes, Home and Oceans for 21 Cineplex.

In January 2011 he was invited by the USA State Department to study in the film industry for 3 weeks in America.

Since 2004, he works at Jakarta Arts Institute as a lecturer and in 2010 also taught at the Binus International Film School. He wrote some Film and Audio Visual articles for INA Global web, based in France and also continues to write articles about Indonesian cinema for a publisher in France.
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