Adrian Greensides
Head of Marketing
SSR Manchester - Adrian Greensides, Head of Marketing
Adrian joins SSR after a lifetime’s work in the creative industries. From initially studying design, Adrian successfully moved through creative disciplines, including photography, to reach the business side of communications, and into marketing positions.

As a photographer, he worked predominantly in the music industry, working with major labels EMI, Universal and Sony and myriad independents, as well as managing photographers in their own ventures with major labels and was an early contributor to Dazed and Confused magazine.

Adrian developed brand strategies and brand identities for various types of businesses, from PLCs to NGOs via the arts. Adrian’s work appears prominently in three globally best-selling books on identity design.

As a marketer, Adrian pays meticulous detail to measurable and meaningful data and is highly experienced and qualified in understanding and managing brand communications from print to email and the role teams play in bringing them to the consumer.

He has exhibited his work twice, receiving the Guardian’s pick of the week for a show in Manchester’s Cornerhouse, and was philanthropically involved as a trustee to one of Manchester’s longest and significant arts venues and been awarded a Prince of Wales Cultural Champion’s Award.

Adrian received Letter of the Week in the Beano in 1981
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