Carolina Stenstrom
Academic Tutor
SSR London - Carolina Stenstrom, Academic Tutor
Carolina is a Creative Director & Product Designer, specialising in branding, UX, UI, and social media integration.
She has over 20 years experience in the digital design and visual arts sector, working on brands and user experience strategies with startups and new ventures. Her background, working as a digital designer and art director for numerous design studios and advertising agencies, has reinforced her understanding of current trends across typography, colour palettes, design styles and social platforms supporting her ongoing passion for the subject and community.

Organising, running events and conferences has played a big part in maintaining a connection to the ever growing creative industry. She has helped launch numerous young designers’ careers through tutoring and portfolio reviews, and she continues to spread her passion for great design through workshops and meetups.

She is also an illustrator & installation artist, currently focusing on paper art, having exhibited at galleries and museums around the world. She believes collaboration plays a huge role in supporting the creative community.

She loves to travel, eat good food, drink good wine… and dogs!
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