Zsolt Magyari
Film Tutor
SSR Manchester - Zsolt Magyari, Film Tutor
Zsolt is a Stereographer/Stereoscopic Supervisor based in London and Berlin.

He has extensive work experience in Stereoscopic 3D having more than 135 days of 3D shooting behind him with the most diverse Camera and 3D Rig setups. Being a professional Cinematographer with BA and having an MA in Geographical Information Engineering he has a thorough overview and in depth understanding of the stereoscopic filmmaking process from both the technical and the artistic point of view. He has worked on Stereoscopic films in the positions ranging from Stereographer, Director of Photography, Stereoscopic Postproduction Supervisor to Director. His work has been awarded The Best 3D Content Enhanced with Best Immersive 3D Audio on the 3D Stereo Media International Film Festival in Liège in 2013 and UP3D Excellence Award for the most innovative 3D narrative in Europe at Cinec München in 2012.

He is a guest lecturer of stereoscopic filmmaking at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin(DFFB) and University of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg (HFF Potsdam) since 2012.
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