Cherif Hashizume
Electronic Live Performance Course Leader
SSR London - Cherif Hashizume, Electronic Live Performance Course Leader
Cherif Hashizume has a long list of works that extends beyond an ordinary musician. He started his career off as a sound engineer in famous East London recording studio Cafe Music and has since collaborated with some of the most prominent figures in the world including Brian Eno, David Byrne and Jon Hopkins just to name just a few.

His artistic yet technical mind pulled him towards more on improvised electronic music performance, production and audio coding for various artists and companies in recent years. This includes collaborations with Anil Sebastianand Hrím, adding his intricate electronic soundscapes and beat programming won the comparisons with Autechre and Arca. As well as his success in music, his extensive knowledge on coding environment such as Cycling 74's Max has led him to work with London based eurorack/guitar pedal manufacturer Rebel Technology releasing unique sounding audio processing patches that runs on their OWL module.

His recent involvement in vibrant eurorack modular community has also been very well received. The combination of his bespoke Max patch and modular setup enabled him to improvise his music on the spot. This has propelled his career as an improvised musician who can tap into the instant sound manipulation, creating alluring sound bed for the listener to be taken on a journey during his live shows. 
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