Santoso Gondowidjojo
SSR Jakarta - Santoso Gondowidjojo, Principal
Santoso started his passion and energy in piano since the early age of 5 years old and has gone on to collect awards as the countries' prize-winner for several national music competitions. He further grabbed the highest award at the prestigious Indonesia Best Popular Song Festival in 1984 with the song he composed titled "Aku Melangkah Lagi". This song brought him to the "Best 15 World Composer" in the World Pop Song Festival award in Budokan, Tokyo-Japan in the same year.

Being blessed with strength both in Maths, Science, and Arts, Santoso earned double degree Bachelor of Architecture and Graduate Diploma of Music major in Composition from Queensland Conservatorium, Australia.

Santoso was also a Music lecturer in one of Indonesia's universities and is a Conductor in Music Concerts. As composer, arranger, musician, producer and director, his several works include colosal plays and concerts, music albums, audio-video-film production for corporates and commercial ads.

Blessed with strategic-analysis skills, Santoso has managed many big corporations in Indonesia with his Communication Group.
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