Louise Gooddy
Programme Leader - FdA Music Production and BA (Hons) Audio & Music Production (Top Up)
SSR Manchester - Louise Gooddy, Programme Leader - FdA Music Production and BA (Hons) Audio & Music Production (Top Up)
After working for a number for years in the graphic design and print industry, Louise opened STUDIOPRINT, her first business, in 1985 as a graphic design, marketing and print company, resulting in many high profile and overseas contracts/clients.

Returning to education in 1997 and completing her degree in film and media, with subsequent postgraduate qualifications in education, photojournalism, international travel photography and documentary practices, she has worked at various academic institutions in the UK and travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia to guest lecture in film.

Louise has co organised and co directed a number of events under the OVEREXPOSURE PHOTOGRAPHIC SYMPOSIUM with links to industry and award winning photographers and guest speakers.

Louise is also Programme Leader for the FdA Music Production and BA(Hons) Audio & Music Production degree programmes delivered by Accrington & Rossendale College at SSR in Manchester. Both programmes provide various modules including studio & mixing techniques, music sequencing, sound design, live events, production company project and much more, that offer a range of skills suitable for industry, with the potential to open doors to a myriad of career opportunities.
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