Adrian Cunliffe
Electronic Music Production & DJ Practice BA (Hons)
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Electronic Music Production. DJ. Music Business.
Last Updated: 12.11.14
SSR Manchester - Adrian Cunliffe,


Aidy is currently studying at SSR and Uclan University, in his second year of a degree in Music Production. With an intermittent, fifteen year history of DJing, both in clubs and at home, he has performed gigs for the likes of 'UK Uncovered' on Sky 1 and the 'Sunday Sport Road Show', along with various clubs in the north of England. Having recently started mixing again, he has earned a strong following on Mixcloud and other social media sites, which have led to guest mixes for various DJs and radio stations.  By working towards his degree, he is hoping to open doors into a variety of electronic music production areas, including sound design, sample pack creation and visual media music. He is looking to create the stepping stone to further his career in the music industry.


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