Liam Corran
Music Business and Creative Industries BSc (Hons)
Last Updated: 21.01.15
SSR Manchester - Liam Corran,


Hello there!!  My name is Liam and I am currently a first year student on the Bsc (Hons) in music business and creative industries.  I have been a lover of music my whole life.  I love to write, record and perform music and I have spent the last ten years playing in various bands and music projects.  I play guitar, bass, piano and since 2010, I have been the vocalist and MIDI keyboard player for North-West based, hardcore/metal band 'Today, They Are Older.

Until late 2015 I was also the vocalist for 'Egos at the Door', a math/metal project from the North of the UK.  In June 2014 I set off with EATD on my first tour of Europe.  This was my greatest musical achievement to date.  There is no experience like it!

I decided the constant drone of a nine to five factory job was a complete waste of time and after six years of manufacturing children's mattresses, which gives absolutely no personal satisfaction, I set out for a career in something I love.  I believe at SSR I have found the ideal environment to develop my interests in music and transform my passion into a career.

Since starting the course at SSR, I have started to set up my own events promotion company named 'Eightyeight Promotions' with several members of my band and some of my close friends made through my involvement music.  We currently have one venue, 'The Waldorf', Manchester and are looking at venues in Leeds and other cities in the UK.  Eightyeight are also working on booking the tour for TTAO and the bands summer tour of Europe.

Out of the course at SSR, I am hoping to set up my promotions company and also look into music publishing.  I have also started working with a local independent label, 'Sunbird Records', where I hope to get to know as much as I can about the creative industries and go on to thrive in a career I love and live for.


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