Stephen Callaghan
Music Business and Creative Industries BSc (Hons)
Last Updated: 21.01.15
SSR Manchester - Stephen Callaghan,


Hi I'm Ste, Stevo, Stephen or occasionally Oi, I am NOT a STEVE!! extremely passionate about three things in my life.... Music, Food and Newcastle United! when the three combine I'm in heaven. I'm studying at SSR Manchester in Music management & Creative Industries, with that being said my ambition is to succeed in the music industry be it any kind of genre. The electronic side would be my preference though as I dream of making it large in Holland where the most competitors work within that scene.

SSR has been a breathe of fresh air to me as its made me realise how much more involvement is required in the Industry. So far its introduced me to a placement in Sankey's nightclub (in the office) which is arguably the most popular club in Manchester. This is just a start as many more opportunities will come my way, its exciting stuff.

Through getting out there and meeting new people its I've realised its all about making that move to get results so from learning this I've also set up my own charity called "The FAB Challenge" (Feed A Body) This is a project I've put together to help the general public to donate food to the homeless.

My train of thought is to love life by helping others, meet great new people and earn a lot of money along the way.

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