Anton Jones
Music Business and Creative Industries BSc (Hons)
Focus on:
Electronic Music Production. Sound for Live Events. Sound for Film, TV & Games. DJ. Music Business. Radio Production. Animation.
Last Updated: 19.01.15
SSR Manchester - Anton  Jones,


My name is Anton Jones i am currently student at ssr Manchester studying BSc Music Business & Creative Industries in my first year. i have always been had a passion for music for as longs as i can remember, so after i finished school i decided to go to college and do btec music tech. over the time i was at college i became more interested in the business side of the music industry. after thinking about where i would like to take my self in the after i graduate i have taken an interest in radio presenting and hopefully will get experience over the  three years that i will be here and push my self and make connections for my future career.
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