Tom Hargrove
Sound Engineering & Design BSc (Hons) / FdSc
Studio & Live Music Production BSc (Hons)
Focus on:
Sound Engineering. Electronic Music Production. Sound for Live Events. DJ.
Last Updated: 20.08.15
SSR Manchester - Tom Hargrove,


Im currently about to embark on my third year of a degree in Studio Production and Live Sound.
Im a very keen listener of music and love to hear everything and anything, especially psychedelia and rock. I play in a psychedelic rock band and enjoy regularly playing gigs both in and out of Manchester. I also have a love for vinyl mixing especially funk and disco.
Im over half way through my course and Im enjoying every bit of it. In my spare time I love to freelance record and work on personal projects recording and mixing for friends/ clients. 
I also love the live sound aspects of my course and try at any given opportunity to get involved with live events and festivals. 



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