John Horrocks
Sound Engineering & Design BSc (Hons) / FdSc
Focus on:
Sound Engineering. Electronic Music Production. Sound for Film, TV & Games. Film Production. Music Business.
Last Updated: 08.06.17
SSR Manchester - John Horrocks,


I am a professional musician/bass player studying at SSR on the BSc sound engineering course. I also have a music composition company called RevillRocks and a photography company called foto_237. My likes are writing and performing music, flying planes when possible, the creative arts, motorbike riding, computing and film to name a few. I'm always open to collaborate with whoever and I'm open minded to give new things a try. I'm proficient in ProTools, Logic 9 and X, Sony Vegas, Sony DVD, Acid and I know my way around a mixing console and studios. I am also hard working, reliable and a bit of a perfectionist (dunno if that's OCD) when it comes to work. I always give things my best shot and I am always willing to learn. I have music played worldwide in media through Audio Networks and I'm looking to expand with more TV audio companies, I also have an big interest in post production thanks to Dean Covill. 

Please check out some of my work on  the YouTube link and if you think you could use my expertise please PM me. 

There is always new and updated content on my social network pages.



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