Sam Courtney
Sound Engineering & Design BSc (Hons) / FdSc
Focus on:
Sound Engineering. Sound for Live Events. Sound for Film, TV & Games. Film Production. Music Business. Music Journalism.
Last Updated: 29.12.15
SSR Manchester - Sam Courtney,


I am 19 years old and I'm in my second year of BSc Sound Engineering & Design and I have a big interest in becoming a sound engineer either in a live or studio setting or working in the audio post production industry.

I have played drums for about 6 years, achieved grade 3 but not had much experience of being in a band and would like the opportunity to be in one. I have developed on drums by mainly trying some of my favourite songs and learning them by ear and could be available for recordings if need be. I have learnt up to grade 5 music theory and will soon be taking my exam to get the qualification, which is a great asset to have.

I have had experience of recording bands and solo artists in professional studios and in a live venue and I love the process. I've also had experience in audio post production editing sound effects, foley and ADR which I am very passionate about.

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