Ashley Parkes
Studio & Live Music Production BSc (Hons)
Focus on:
Sound Engineering. Sound for Live Events. Website Design.
Last Updated: 17.11.14
SSR Manchester - Ashley Parkes,


Ashley is currently studying on SSR's BSc (Hons) Studio & Live Music Production Course - even though he is a full-time student, he says this course is done is his "spare time".

Since the age of 10, Ash has been very keen and interested in Live Sound - this interest has just overtaken his mind and helped him develop his understanding of sound engineering over the past 9 years. However, sound engineering wasn't his first love. This was the guitar, which Ash has been playing since he was 7 years old, but the world of sound engineering stole his heart!

Ash started his sound engineering journey by being his primary school "sound monitor", then engineering weekly in church, moving on to becoming a techie in highschool, which brought him to engineer for gigs in pubs and venues around Blackpool. Soon after Ash found himself in Preston College, where he excelled in his course and fell in love with the Digidesign Venue SC48 (which he claims to be able to use blindfolded - shall we test him?). Ash's knowledge of sound engineering had grown so much that during his time at college he had to mentor other students on the subject and on the Venue SC48.

Since leaving college, Ash has found himself doing a whole lot of freelance sound engineering work - first being regular work at 53 Degrees, Preston, then on festivals such as Kendal Calling. He is now trying to build a name for himself around Manchester as a Live Sound Engineer. Only in his first year at University and he is already being asked to engineer on various tours and work with bands/venues/promoters.

Ash also runs a small PA business that gets a lil pocket money now and again called Advantage Productions Audio.

Only recently Ash has accepted the role as Production Manager for a 3 day festival, September 2015, in Burnley.

One thing that helps Ash stand above the crowd when it comes to sound engineering is that he has just gotten a sweet endorsement deal with AKG. This already has proved useful in getting his name out there. He sure does love his major discounted mics (ask him what the discount % is!).

Rather famous bands Ash has now worked with include: Black Star Riders (formally known as Thin Lizzy), Soul Fly, From The Jam, Mike Dignam, Failsafe (as seen on the Inbetweeners), Electric Wizard, Colt 45 and Many More.

Other interest/hobbies of Ash include: studio engineering, graphic design, web design and game design.

Graphic Design is something that keep coming to try and pull Ash away from sound engineering because people keep offering him paid work - which he accepts because he loves being creative, but he always puts engineering first! His portfolio includes graphics for: bands, venues, gigs, business incl. record labels, etc..

Want to get to know him more? Get in touch with him, he loves a trip to Starbucks!
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