James Collinson
Electronic Music Production & DJ Practice BA (Hons)
Focus on:
Electronic Music Production. DJ.
Last Updated: 30.03.16
SSR London - James Collinson,


It’s not easy to categorise what James Cee, (also known as Lebronx) does with sound. You may catch him playing anything from a fast paced drum and bass set, to a fist pumping tech house. If you haven’t heard one of his sets yet, you sure as hell should.

Whatever this energetic DJ & Producer from Camden Town does, he does it HARD! His unparalleled work ethic sees him experimenting throughout genres and creating both fresh and hard hitting soundscapes. Working with controversial public material and pitched down vocals from his Hip Hop influence. He has created his own unique sound, by fusing tech house, deep house, techno, jazz, funk and soul rhythms, which can't be categorized by one genre. 

Lebronx studied Jazz guitar and piano for three years before taking up a degree in the art of Electronic Music Production and DJ Practice. He has a forward-thinking approach to his music and is always looking at ways to improve and evolve.

Here is a clip from a live cheeky Drum & Bass set by James, also please follow the Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram links below: