SSR Success Story - Jake Dawson, DJ & Producer

Jake Dawson

DJ & Producer

Electronic Music Production

Jake Dawson completed our Electronic Music Production course in 2012 and currently forms part of Pirate Copy, a house and disco collective who are starting to make a real name for themselves.

2013 was a great year for Pirate Copy and saw them play at nights around the UK and Ibiza, release tracks on labels such as Get Slow, Natural Rhythm and Kaluki Music and had their productions played by the likes of Jamie Jones at DC10 In Ibiza.

We recently caught up with Jake to ask him about the Pirate Copy project, his time studying at SSR and how it helped him to get started in the industry:

Jake Dawson:
"I Joined the EMP course at SSR back in 2011. I had taught myself Ableton and had completed a few tracks by then but felt that some proper education would serve me well. I attended 2 of the open evenings at SSR and really had a look around - the staff were all really friendly and forthcoming, and everyone I spoke to was friendly and passionate about music.

I started my course which was held in the evenings and tied in with my day job. There were people with all different sorts of abilities on the course - from complete beginners to people who could play guitar and piano and even a classically trained orchestral composer! I learned hands on in the studio how to use hardware, how to use a mixing desk, as well as using different bits of software that I wasn't used to.

Damo, my tutor, was a really friendly and knowledgeable person and is now a good friend of mine who I still keep in contact with on a regular basis.

Since my course I have been working hard with my friends on a project called 'Pirate Copy'. The original idea was based around making edits and using a lot of samples. We would buy huge amounts of vinyl, anything and everything, from movie soundtracks to Latin piano LP's to old Disco and Soul Records and just record sections onto our hard drive for a later session. We have now started to introduce session vocalists and musicians to create something more original, and help us devise more of a 'live' aspect to our sets.

This year we have played Sankeys, Warehouse Project, Space Ibiza, London, Birmingham, a handful of festivals including Parklife, and in 2014 we are booked in for more exciting gigs in the UK and abroad. Our music has been supported by many of our favourite artists and we have been releasing music and remixes on vinyl through labels such as Get Slow, Natural Rhythm and our home label Kaluki Musik.

I would recommend to anyone who has the desire to make music to seek out education on the subject - placing yourself in an environment where everybody is working towards the same aim - discussing production and exchanging advice, tips, and opinions on music is always going to help you. You will make friends who you will be able to collaborate with and keep in contact with for as long as you are writing your material, and staff who can give you advice on any subject to do with the industry."

Further Information
For more info on Pirate Copy give them a like on Facebook and check out their Soundcloud page:

Pirate Copy Facebook Page
Pirate Copy Soundcloud